Why do we need another movement?

One of the definitions of Yoga is finding happiness in the identity of the individual and the global, the internal and the external. In my opinion this means that we must take care of our planet at least as much as we are taking care of ourselves. Yoga has become a global movement within just a decade or two. Yoga practitioners started travelling around the world, met each other and enjoyed themselves in various practices. Millions of images of beautiful and happy people in remote destinations are shared every day. But is this the union of the individual with the global self? Does all this really deserve to be called “Yoga”?  We believe Yoga is not the journey of your body to seemingly better places but quite the opposite. Yoga does not mean to feel better, to enjoy yourself or merely to have a good time. Yoga is a journey into the core of yourself. Yoga is finding contentment within your self by yourself. Yoga is the pure happiness of being conscious. Yoga is seeing the abundance of your self in the interdependence of everything. Yoga is what you practice here. Not there. Yoga is the transformation of our understanding what or who we truly are. It does not matter in what shape your body is. It does not matter where your body is. The body is your host, just as the planet is the host of our body. We are fully dependent on both. Happiness can never come from destruction of either because we always harm ourselves. 

Some of us have taken immense care of our own bodies and maybe minds for years. Some of us have even spent several hours every day with it. Is it possible that we might have been a bit obsessed with it and neglected the bigger picture of Yoga?

It is now time to change the perspective. It is time to invest at least the same amount of time every day for healing the planet from our own ignorance. Let us create a global alliance of Yogis who understand that the planet is even more valuable than their own body. Mother earth is not only the host of one self but of trillions.

Many of us have dozens or even hundreds of “friends” all over the planet. What if each of us began talking to their friends? What if only every second of your friends wakes up, stops destructive behavior and begins talking to even more friends?

Let us change.

Let us not become frustrated by a few toxic individuals who are abusing the planet.

Let us not become frustrated by a few toxic individuals who are abusing Yoga as a marketing tool for their greed.